The Secret Behind Our Delightful Chocolate Flavors

Deep in the rainforests of Honduras, something incredibly special happens. The natural ecological diversity of animals and plants combine to create a unique environment. As a result, some of the most exotic and exquisite species in the world have been discovered in such a place. But the rainforests offer much more than an array of plant and animal life. The Honduran rainforests is home to some of the richest and fertile soils in the world. And it is here that the flavors of Honduran chocolate actually come to life!

What Do French Wine and Honduran Chocolates Have in Common?

When it comes to winemaking, the French have a term that describes how unique grapes and regions produce subtly different flavors and notes in various wines. It is called “terroir,” which is pronounced “TERR WAHR.” A literal translation of the term means “a sense of place.” But to explain terroir more fully, it actually represents all the environmental and human factors that cause a wine to have its special flavor. Though the actual grape offers its own flavorful potential, the soil, the climate, and even the way the grapes are processed affect the wonderful aromas and tastes that result. This is terroir.

Interestingly, chocolate, or more specifically the cacao bean, has its own terroir as well. Depending on where and how cacao is grown, harvested and processed affects the spectrum of delicious flavors the final chocolate may offer. For example, chocolates from specific regions are known to have different flavor notes. Cacao grown in Madagascar, Ecuador and Honduras each have unique soils that cultivate unique flavors. And notably, the Honduran rainforests offer some of the most flavorful cacao beans in the world. This is the reason the Honduras Chocolate Company chocolates have some of the most decadent chocolate flavors ever known.

The Terroir of Cacao Is More Than Just Bean, Soil, and Climate

Without question, the rich Honduran soil and rainforest climate greatly impact the wonderful flavors of chocolate produced at the Honduras Chocolate Company. But other factors are involved as well. For one, the drying and fermenting process plays a significant role in bringing out the very best chocolate aromas and flavor notes. Some chocolatiers use harsh drying methods that cause a smoky flavor and loss of the cacao’s natural flavor potential. But at the Honduras Chocolate Company, we only use a proprietary “flash” roasting process that quickly dries the bean while preserving the brilliance of the natural chocolate tastes. You can taste the difference in every self-indulgent bite.

Cacao cultivation and harvesting also makes a difference in preserving the beautiful aromas and flavors of the cacao bean. At Honduras Chocolate Company, we are committed to supporting the longstanding heritage and knowledge of local Honduran farmers. While we do so from a humanitarian standpoint, we also appreciate the wealth of wisdom these cacao farmers possess. By supporting these local Honduran communities, much of the processing is able to be performed within a few miles of where the cacao beans are collected. This has a powerful effect of preserving the amazing assortment of flavors these cacao beans can produce.

Different Regions, Different Flavors – Chocolates for Any Occasion

The spectrum of delightful chocolate flavors at the Honduras Chocolate Company is sure to even please the most sophisticated chocolate lover. Based on the terroir of the cacao farms in the Honduran rainforests, beans from similar soil and climate profiles are batched together. And once these are sorted appropriately, different percentages of cacao are mixed with pure cane sugar to produce our chocolates. In doing so, we are able to bring out the robust, natural flavor potential of each specific cacao bean. The result? Four unique and delicious chocolate flavor experiences.

  • 65% Cacao Chocolates – A delightful, dry cherry note flavor

  • 70% Cacao Chocolates – A sophisticated, dry plum flavor

  • 75% Cacao Chocolates – A captivating, sharp cocoa flavor with slight coffee notes

  • 80% Cacao Chocolates – A dry, enchanting cashew nutty flavor

Just like a perfect wine, Honduras Chocolate Company chocolates offer one of the finest taste experiences you will ever have. We are committed to producing the world’s finest chocolates with the most elegant and unique flavors that nature offers. This starts with the terroir of the cacao bean and ends when a Honduras Chocolate Company chocolate reaches your palate. Experience a Honduras Chocolate Company chocolate today, and indulge in the wonderful flavors of chocolate that nature always intended.

Michael Wiesner