Chocolate Good for the Soul

honduras chocolate

There is something incredibly decadent about the taste of "REAL" chocolate. Its flavors demand every ounce of your attention as you escape into its ecstasy. And if you have ever had the pleasure of tasting Honduran chocolate, you know why it is recognized as one of the best chocolates in the world.

This is no surprise to the Honduras Chocolate Company. Nestled deep in the rainforest of the Cangrejal Valley, on the northern Caribbean coast of Honduras, the Honduras Chocolate Company has created a chocolate enjoyed by chocolate lovers from all over the world. However, the story doesn’t end there. Though a single taste of their chocolates will bring about a state of enchantment, the Honduras Chocolate Company will win you over in so many other ways as well.

The World’s Best Chocolate – Pure and Simple

Honduras Chocolate Company

Advertisers today throw around words like “organic,” “all-natural ingredients,” and “hand-crafted” quite often. In a world where preservatives and additives are common, we all naturally want something pure and simple. Honduran Chocolate Company not only understands this…it is their core philosophy when it comes to chocolate. In fact, every Honduras Chocolate Company chocolate bar has two (and only two!) ingredients…cacao and natural cane sugar. No preservatives, no additives, no crazy ingredients... How do they do it? By keeping things pure and simple.

Great chocolate is about two things…its ingredients and the process used to make it. In both instances, no other chocolate maker in the world outshines the Honduras Chocolate Company. First, they start with the finest cacao beans in the world harvested deep in the Honduran rainforests and Caribbean lowlands. Different cacao beans are collected from a variety of rich soils that produce select chocolate flavors and tones. After the cacao beans are allowed to dry and ferment, Honduras Chocolate Company then uses its proprietary “flash” roasting process before stone-grinding the beans. This brief, high temperature roasting process eliminates bacteria yet preserves the natural nutrients and flavors inherent to the beans. The final step then involves combining the ground cacao with pure cane sugar to create the wonderfully robust and delectable chocolates many have come to love.

A Passion for Chocolate – Compassion for Others


While Honduras is a country well known for its beautiful Caribbean landscapes and Mayan culture, it is not a nation with tremendous financial resources. Unlike other companies who are concerned only about profits, Honduras Chocolate Company cares about people and communities. It should therefore come as little surprise that the company is committed to help the Honduran cacao farmers not only survive but excel in their endeavors. This commitment is as much a part of Honduras Chocolate Company’s mission as is making great chocolate itself.

For Honduras Chocolate Company, making sure their network of small-holder farmers receive "Better-than-fair-trade" wages is only a start. Through cooperative efforts, the company provides farmers with practical business training and technical assistance that allows them to improve their abilities to succeed. At the same time, Honduras Chocolate Company provides various agricultural resources as additional efforts of support. These investments have paid significant dividends for farmers and Honduras Chocolate Company alike with higher crop yields and higher quality cacao beans. Being a company that cares provides a degree of wealth that is not always measured in a financial statement’s bottom line.

Great Chocolate that Makes You Feel Great

Honduras Chocolate Company makes chocolate the way it is supposed to be made…organically, naturally, and sustainably. Each hand-wrapped morsel of delicious chocolate has been carefully prepared one small batch at a time. And each variety of chocolate has its own signature flavor based on the natural notes and tones of its parent cacao bean. Whether you indulge in a one with cherry notes or prefer one with a cashew nut flavor, you will immediately realize you are experiencing one of the absolute finest chocolates in the world. And knowing the company’s commitment to improving the lives of its farmers, its employees and its customers makes the pleasure of eating their chocolates an even greater delight. Honduras Chocolate Company chocolates are truly good for the soul.

Michael Wiesner