It’s All in the Number!

Defining Your Chocolate Experience the Honduran Way

As individuals, we are each unique. We each have our own specific preferences and tastes, and we each have our likes and dislikes. When it comes to chocolate, this is certainly the case. While one person may prefer the sharp richness of a fine dark chocolate, another may prefer a more smooth, balanced flavor. Fortunately, different cacao beans are unique as well. The nuances among different cacao beans allow us at the Honduras Chocolate Company to define the exact flavor notes that each of our chocolate bars offer. This is how we offer you a variety of exquisite chocolate flavors sure to please every palate.  

Different Cacao Percentage, Different Chocolate Delights

At the Honduras Chocolate Company, we take great pride in providing you the world’s best chocolates. As a result, our chocolate bars contain two ingredients only…cacao and cane sugar. But given that there are only two ingredients, you might wonder how we are able to offer such an array of different chocolate flavors. One of the most important ways we accomplish this involves the percentage of cacao that each chocolate bar contains. 

By changing the percentage of cacao, we are able to express different flavors and notes in each Honduras Chocolate Company chocolate bar. In this way, we are able to offer exquisite tastes that satisfy an array of personal preferences. Depending on the cacao percentage, you can find the perfect chocolate flavor you crave in the moment, time after time. 


Which Honduras Chocolate Bar Do You Crave? 

In order to align your personal preferences with our indulgent Honduras Chocolate Company chocolates, you need to appreciate the flavors that each cacao percentage provides. At the Honduras Chocolate Company, we offer four different cacao percentages that each have their own delicious appeal. 


➢ Our 65% Cacao Chocolates – For chocolate lovers who prefer a balanced, hearty chocolate flavor, this Honduras Chocolate Company selection is ideal. In addition to its delightful and pleasant blend of cacao and cane sugar, our 65% cacao chocolates provide natural vanilla and dry cherry notes. This chocolate offers a milder yet intensely flavorful chocolate experience. 


➢ Our 70% Cacao Chocolates – This Honduras Chocolate Company chocolate is more of a “middle of the road” option that is not too dark yet not too mild. Enjoying a 70% cacao chocolate provides you with a wonderful, sophisticated blend of chocolate flavor with notes of dry plum that appeal to many chocolate lovers. These features along with a sweet finish makes this chocolate bar option quite popular. 


➢ Our 75% Cacao Chocolates – With a higher cacao percentage, this Honduras Chocolate Company chocolate has a richer and deeper chocolate flavor. But at the same time, it offers a subtle sweetness that creates in a taste that is truly captivating. While a sharp cocoa taste is readily apparent at first, slight aromatic coffee notes are experienced on its finish. Chocolate lovers who enjoy a more robust chocolate flavor often make the 75% cacao chocolate a regular indulgence. 


➢ Our 80% Cacao Chocolates – This is the Honduras Chocolate Company’s extra dark offering that appeals to the true chocolate enthusiast. The rich, complex flavors that this chocolate provides has made it our best-selling chocolate. Though the enchanting dark chocolate flavor is taste forward, the 80% cacao chocolate also has a slight sweetness as well that prevents it from being bitter. These flavors, along with dry cashew nutty notes, make this chocolate a true delight. 


A Honduras Chocolate Company Chocolate for Any Occasion 

As you can see, the Honduras Chocolate Company offers an array of delectable chocolate indulgences that can meet any chocolate lover’s desire. And more importantly, you can choose to sample each of them depending on your present mood and taste. Likewise, different recipes and desserts might require different cacao percentage choices as well. By knowing the flavors and notes that each cacao percentage offers, you can best select which Honduras Chocolate Company chocolate you need at the time. 

While the different cacao percentages define the incredible chocolate taste you can experience, you will likewise be amazed at the rich, complex flavors our chocolates offer overall. Our proprietary flash roasting process quickly dries the cacao bean preserving its natural flavors. And our commitment to Honduran cacao farming traditions through natural and organic cultivation and processing similarly enhances the taste. No matter which cacao percentage you choose, you will be assured that Honduras Chocolate Company chocolates are the finest in the world.

Michael Wiesner