Organic, Pure, Natural and Nutritious – Chocolate the Way It Was Meant to Be

Depending on where you purchase chocolate, a variety of options may exist. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, cocoa blends, and even pure cacao might be among the offerings. But what you actually get when you purchase may not always be what you think. In addition to the how the chocolate is processed, many chocolate products contain additives and preservatives that are less than healthy. And some lack their inherent nutritional value as a result of the way they are processed.

At Honduras Chocolate Company, we pride ourselves on premium cacao products. Focused on providing the best chocolate flavors and notes while preserving the natural goodness of the cacao plant is something we deeply care about. This commitment can be appreciated from the way we farm to the way each cacao bean is processed. And you will appreciate the quality in every bite of Honduras Chocolate Company chocolate you take.

“Every study on chocolate is pointing to the same conclusion: There is something in chocolate that is really good for us. That something is the raw cacao bean, the nut that all chocolate is made from.” – David Wolfe, raw food advocate

Cacao, Cocoa and Chocolate – What’s the Difference?

You will often see the terms cacao, cocoa, and chocolate used interchangeably by various chocolatiers. But in actuality, each of these describe specific aspects about the chocolate products you choose. Of course, all chocolate comes from the cacao plant with the plant’s pods containing cacao seeds from which chocolates are derived. Cacao seeds are then fermented, dried, roasted, and ground to ultimately make the various powders from which chocolates are made. But as you can imagine, this process often varies from one chocolatier to next. Cacao generally refers to the raw and natural state of chocolate derived from the cacao seeds themselves. Cacao powder represents the healthiest form of chocolate, rich with nutrients and antioxidants. In contrast, cocoa reflects a version of cacao that has undergone processing using high levels of heat. This process naturally destroys some of the nutrients and health benefits in present within cacao itself. In addition, many chocolates contain oils, milk products and other substances that reduce nutritious value. Thus, the healthiest chocolates are those with the highest cacao content, the least amount of heat exposure, and the fewest additives present.

“Cacao has great nutritional value, a lot of protein, which strengthens a person, and without sugar it is not fattening.” - Samael Aun Weor, spiritual teacher

Realizing the Health Benefits that Cacao Provides

In terms of the cacao fruit, both the seeds and pulp are collected for different purposes. The white pulp is the fatty part of the cacao fruit, which is used to make cacao butter. In contrast, the cacao seeds are used to make some of the richest and best chocolates in the world. And the cacao seeds are what offer the most nutritious value as well. The cacao seed is naturally high in fiber and similarly contains a high amount of protein. At the same time, the cacao seeds, and subsequently the ground powder, has a low fat content. Thus, cacao itself is not fattening or unhealthy. In fact, it is just the opposite.

Of course, cacao has many other health benefits. For one, cacao contains a high content of flavonoids, which are powerful antioxidants. These offer many health advantages including the ability to lower the risk of vascular disease and cancer. Also, cacao contains a number of important minerals such as magnesium, selenium, chromium and manganese. And pure chocolate made from cacao and sugar alone are vegan-friendly. By selecting chocolates closest to cacao’s purest form, the greatest health advantages can therefore be enjoyed.

“The cacao content is a wrapper’s most important datum.” – Bill Buford, author and journalist

Honduras Chocolate Company Chocolates – Pure Cacao and Cane Sugar Only

At Honduras Chocolate Company, we appreciate the health effects of cacao and the way chocolates were meant to be. Because of this, we invest heavily to ensure each cacao bean is cultivated naturally and organically without chemicals or pesticides. At the same time, we only allow two ingredients in our chocolates…cacao and pure, natural cane sugar. Not only does this preserve cacao’s inherent nutritional value, but it also provides the most exquisite and delicious chocolates in the world.

By using our lower temperature, flash roasting process, our chocolates at Honduras Chocolate Company offer the highest nutritional content available. And our cacao powder is 100% pure providing the boldest taste and health value. Ranging from 65% to 80% cacao, each Honduras Chocolate Company chocolate option is guaranteed to be organic, natural, and pure. This is the way chocolates were meant to be, and at the Honduras Chocolate Company, we are committed to making sure this tradition continues.

Michael Wiesner