The 2019 International Chocolate Salon Awards Are In - And Honduras Chocolate Company Won Big!

When it comes to the finest chocolates, most of us can appreciate great quality by the aroma, taste, and texture that a delicious piece of chocolate offers. But the number of chocolates available on the market are numerous, and sampling each one can be time consuming and expensive. Wouldn’t it be better to indulge yourself in the world’s finest chocolates from the start? Of course! But how can you know which chocolates are truly the best versus those that just claim to be?

Fortunately, there are several ways to determine which chocolates offer the best quality and delicious taste. Certainly, you could ask other chocolate lovers for their opinion, but some may not share the same level of sophistication as you when it comes to discerning great chocolate. Understanding this, a few highly-coveted international chocolate award competitions are available to help guide you in your chocolate selections. And this is one way that Honduras Chocolate Company chooses to highlight the quality of its chocolates for all to appreciate.


The International Chocolate Salon Awards

While a number of reputable international chocolate competitions offer awards to the top chocolatiers each year, the International Chocolate Salon awards are among the most prestigious. Founded in 2007, the original International Chocolate Salon event was held in San Francisco. This event reflected the first major artisan and premier chocolate event in the country. Subsequently, the salon began offering top awards in 2009, which further advanced its reputation in assessing chocolate quality.

Since then, the International Chocolate Salon has expanded to multiple cities for its events, and it continues to host an annual awards competition to define the best chocolates in the world. Its judging panel is composed of top magazine, blog, and magazine editors with experience in the culinary arts. In addition, the panel also includes chocolate experts, renowned chefs, and food gurus offering a comprehensive perspective. And most recently, the awards for the best chocolate bar and the best vegan chocolates were announced.

Honduras Chocolate Company’s Notable Recognitions


This year, Honduras Chocolate Company decided to enter the International Chocolate Salon’s competition for the world’s best chocolate bar and for the world’s best vegan chocolate. For the former category, our 80%, 75%, and 70% cacao chocolates were entered into the competition, and for the latter vegan category, our 80% cacao chocolate bar was provided. When the results of the judges were tallied, it was clear that our chocolates were among those receiving an abundance of awards and recognitions.

In terms of the best chocolate bar awards, all of our entries received a total of 3.5 stars our of a possible total of 4 stars. Likewise, our 80% cacao chocolate was awarded a gold medal for the best dark chocolate bar as well as silver awards for best taste and best texture. In addition, our 75% cacao chocolate received a bronze recognition for the best dark chocolate bar while the 70% cacao bar received a bronze for the best tasting chocolate. In essence, Honduras Chocolate Company’s chocolates received high recognition in nearly every category of this competition.

For the vegan chocolate competition, the 80% cacao Honduras Chocolate Company chocolate was entered. Not only was this chocolate awarded the highest rating at 4.5 stars, but it also took the gold medal in the best taste and best dark chocolate categories. In addition, this chocolate bar received silver award recognition for the top vegan chocolate and best milk chocolate, and it received bronze award recognition for best flavor and texture. Without question, our performance at the International Chocolate Salon 2019 competition demonstrated the commitment we have to quality chocolates.

Experience the Quality of Honduras Chocolate Company Chocolates

At Honduras Chocolate Company, we pride ourselves in offering the finest and most delicious chocolates in the world. Our chocolates are made organically honoring the ancient traditions of Honduran farmers. And our chocolates contain only two ingredients…cacao and cane sugar.

Given this degree of commitment, it’s no surprise that the International Chocolate Salon honored us with the many awards that we received. And we proudly display their symbol to highlight our passion for offering our customers the finest in chocolate delicacies. But while awards and international recognitions are wonderful, the ultimate reward is the pleasure and delight we are able to give our customers who indulge in Honduras Chocolate Company chocolates. This is the real proof that our efforts are truly appreciated by those we care about the most. If you have yet to try a Honduras Chocolate Company chocolate, perhaps it’s time you did. As an internationally recognized chocolatier, and with our commitment to you, we believe you will not be disappointed!

Michael Wiesner