Refusing to Cheat for the Heat – Honduras Chocolate Company Chocolates Contain Zero Wax!

Every year, Americans consume about 11 pounds of chocolate each. With that in mind, you would assume that choosing high-quality chocolates is quite important. But how do you know what are high-quality chocolates and what aren’t? Despite many chocolatiers in the market, few would be considered top notch. And even fewer still would be able to claim they only used natural and organic ingredients.

It might be quite surprising that many packages that claim to be pure chocolate are anything but. Many chocolates on the shelf contain a number of ingredients designed to help them last longer or look more appealing. And in fact, many chocolates contain things like wax to prevent them from prematurely melting. While this may be common practice today, these artificial additives undermine the wonderful, delicious flavors of a high-quality chocolate. And this is the reason we at the Honduras Chocolate Company insist on pure, natural, and organic ingredients and processes.

What’s with the Wax?

When it comes to commercial chocolates and even candies, paraffin wax is a common additive many companies use. Also known as baker’s wax or cooking wax, paraffin wax is added to chocolate for two main reasons. The first is to promote stability and shelf-life of the chocolate. Especially when the summer temperatures are rising, the addition of paraffin wax can help prevent chocolates from melting. But at the same time, paraffin wax also affects the taste, texture, and aromatic attributes of the chocolate. Plus, eating wax never sounds too appealing! The second reason paraffin wax is added to chocolates pertains to how it changes the appearance of the chocolate itself. By adding paraffin wax, the chocolate is more likely to have a sheen and shine that looks more appealing to customers. While this same effect can be obtained by an expert tempering process of the chocolate, many chocolatiers “cheat” by using paraffin wax instead. But while it may look appealing, the waxy taste and texture it imparts is far from ideal, especially for those with discriminating chocolate palates.

What’s in the Chocolates You Are Eating?

High-quality chocolates contain two essential ingredients…cacao and a sweetener. The sweetener serves as a preservative for the cacao butter or powder. Other than these two components, no other additional ingredients are needed. This is especially true if a high-quality tempering process is used. Tempering applies heat to the cacao butter and sweetener mixture allowing crystallization. And proper crystallization eliminates the need for waxes and other ingredients while still preserving the natural goodness of the chocolate. Unfortunately, many chocolatiers take shortcuts. In addition to adding paraffin wax to their chocolates, an array of other additives may be used. For example, vegetable oils like palm, cottonseed, and soybean oil may be added. These oils are easier to work with and reduce the costs for chocolate companies. But at the same time, replacing cacao butter with vegetable oils negatively affects the taste and quality of the chocolate. Chocolatiers may also add lecithin, an emulsifier, to make the chocolate appear smoother and more uniform in its appearance. But here again, this additive also impacts the true flavor of the chocolate. In contrast, high-quality chocolates do not have (or need) any of these extra ingredients.

Making High-Quality Chocolates the Natural Way

At Honduras Chocolate Company, we keep things simple. The only two ingredients in our high-quality chocolates are cacao and pure cane sugar. The cacao used comes from the best regions of the world for cultivating the cacao bean, and our farmers only employ organic techniques that have been passed down for generations in Honduran culture. In addition, we only used natural, organically grown cane sugar in our processing. No waxes, no other oils, no emulsifiers…just wonderfully, pure, delicious chocolate the way it was meant to be.

In addition to a commitment to pure, natural, and organic ingredients, we also believe in keeping things simple when it comes to processing as well. Though the threat of the summer heat poses challenges for all chocolatiers, our quality tempering process at Honduras Chocolate Company plays an important role in creating our high-quality chocolates. Precise tempering techniques cultivate the highly valued “Beta crystals” within the cacao butter. These are what makes our chocolates smooth, shiny, and easy to handle even when it’s hot. And it allows us to preserve the exquisite chocolate taste you have come to love in each of our chocolates.

Life’s too short to waste time on poor quality chocolates!

When choosing your next chocolate indulgence, select one that avoids waxes and preservatives. Instead, pick one that contains the only ingredients needed…cacao and sugar. And preferably, choose one that is made from only natural ingredients and organic processing techniques. At Honduras Chocolate Company, we can guarantee this has always been and will always be our approach in producing the finest chocolates in the world.

Michael Wiesner