Customer and Product Reviews


"I’ve fallen in love with the chocolate from Honduras Chocolate Company and I know part of its appeal is the goodwill that comes through in every bite.”  - Eliza Cross, Award-Winning Author and Journalist

"My youngest son and I adore this chocolate. I love the fact that I am putting good ingredients into his system, rather than a ton of chemicals and unknowns. These dark chocolate bars won’t disappoint." - Majenica Moles, from her product review on The Musings of Montana June.

"There are countless good things I can say about this company and I'm not just talking about the quality of the chocolate. It's chocolate and a company with a heart. A company that cares about the little people is rare these days, we applaud them for putting the people above the all mighty dollar and trying to make this world a better place." - Jill Nunn, an excerpt from her product review on Wrapped Up N U.

"If you are a chocolate lover, you're soon to be in pure cacao heaven with the chocolate that Honduras Chocolate Company offers." - Debbie Schuster, from her product review on A Mom's Paradise.

"This isn’t your ordinary chocolate or cocoa powder. I have been making my brownies for years, but using Honduras Chocolate Company chocolate and cocoa powder transformed my recipe." - Emma Spellman, from her product review on Two Boys and a Hubby.