Handcrafted Chocolate
Direct from the Farm



Chocolate Decadence You Can Feel Good About

Indulge your cravings with hand-crafted chocolate from the rainforests of Honduras. Each bar is made using socially-responsible production practices and only heirloom quality, organically-grown cacao and pure cane sugar—no chemicals, pesticides, preservatives or additives. Ever. 

Premium Chocolate with a Higher Purpose

We have a heart to make a difference in the lives of our Honduran farmers, their communities and their native country. By paying better than fair trade prices, providing essential business training, micro loans and agricultural resources, we’re ensuring a better future and brighter economic outlook, one chocolate bar at a time. (learn more)


Mind, Body, and Cacao

Great chocolate doesn’t happen by accident. It requires balance in the chocolate ecosystem, from the bean to the finished bar:

We start with the farmer by paying higher than fair trade prices, providing access to agricultural resources, business training, and even small business loans.

Because we invest in our farmers, they invest in their farms. As a result, their farms yield more cacao and a superior quality bean.

The harvested cacao is dried and fermented in our climate-controlled facility and lightly roasted to preserve the natural health benefits of the cacao bean.

The cacao beans are perfectly blended based on the flavor profile of each farm and cacao content of the bar.

Our chocolate recipe uses only organically grown cacao and pure cane sugar made in small batches, then hand-wrapped and distributed worldwide.

Regardless of where our chocolate ships, every bar begins in the soil-rich rainforests of Honduras by generations of farmers who take pride in their work. The proof is in the taste.




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