Red Wine Chocolate Truffles

Nothing says "I love you" like red wine and chocolate.  In this recipe, we've combined them both then added the richness of sour cream to create the ultimate chocolate truffle.



Combine heavy cream and sour cream in a sauce pan.  Cook over medium heat until sour cream is melted; simmer 2-3 minutes.  Cream should be slightly thickened.  Remove from heat and pour over chopped chocolate. Stir until smooth.  (Microwave 30 seconds to fully melt the chocolate, if needed)

Add red wine and stir until thoroughly incorporated. 

Refrigerate chocolate mixture for 30-40 minutes.  While chocolate cools, combine cocoa powder and powdered sugar on a small plate; set aside.  Once chocolate has cooled, scoop into 1” balls with a melon baller or spoon.  Roll with palms to finishing shaping the truffles, then roll in the cocoa powder mixture.  Makes 20-24 truffles.  Store in refrigerator; serve at room temperature.